What is StartUP Foto ?

Back in 2017, I was looking for some photography equipment but I had a budget. After a few days of looking online at different shops, online second-hand stores, second-hand equipment from different sellers, I found a shop that had what I was looking for and cheaper then I expected, tho it wasn't the original brand name.

Fast forward a couple a days later, I placed the order, paid in full and crossed my fingers hoping the item arrives. Well, 10 days later it arrived, I was impressed with the detail they paid to the packaging, manuals and the product itself. Everything felt like I just got a high-end item for a third of the price.

That brand became my go-to when it comes to photo equipment. I found myself thinking "how many other starting photographers are maybe looking to get what they need but don't have a small fortune to spend? " Answer ... a lot, starting out as a photographer is not cheap, and if you build your own studio then say bye bye to your credit card.

What if I can offer quality products but a fraction of the price then what big brand names are selling for?

StartUP Foto was born out of the desire to offer something for the budget photographer, someone who is starting out or people who are looking to add to their equipment inventory new products that have the latest technology.

We do not keep products in inventory, as it will raise the prices to handle the cost of a warehouse.

Updates are coming.


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