Things I've learned over the years.

Graphic Design

Logo's, business cards and other graphics all done in Adobe Illustrator.

Hey what can I say I like vectors 🙂

Web Development

HTML, CSS, currently working on JS.

I build website, online stores.

SEO Optimization


First made contact with Filemaker back in 2009. My first project was an invoicing solution, and I have to admit it wasn't pretty good looking. Since then I learned how to build more complex solutions and design a better user interface.

Find out more about Filemaker and what it can do here 


It started as a hobby but soon it grew into a second job. I recently started to do product photography and corporate sessions.

You can see some of my personal work on 500px.com

Coffee ?

Print Shop

A collection of photographs shot by me that you can order prints of them. Different sizes and print options are available

Let's talk

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